Human Condition And Forces Of Science

This article aims to expand bond earlier with energy and a sense of order to help humanity achieve optimal health and wellness. It is important that humanity reaches a high level of consistency with the new chemistry of fullerenes Platonic–, because if there is crucial to human survival in this world. One factor for this being that PFCs based on scientific ethics, not sterile, entropic chemistry that mankind is currently based. This fascination continues entropic chemistry can only lead to inconsistency and a complete break state. This work, of course, to demonstrate how science and ethics are essential to human progress. We need to understand how the energy and sense of costume picture and better ways to use these two forces to bring ethical behavior to improve the living conditions of the people.


Platonic– chemistry of fullerenes, called Professor Robert Pope, director of the Center for the Arts Science– Australia welcomes the concept of esoteric engineering Plato and Buckminster Fuller. Buckminster Fuller, under the influence of Plato geometry designed geodesic spheres, and later duplicated by a group of chemicals, which he called “fullerenes” in his honor. The upshot was that clinical experience, noting options for the energy crisis in the world, and, of course, will be discussed in this post. The story is mostly about carbon Buckyball look incredible, with more than 90 percent of all known chemical compounds built around it; potentially the most important being, DNA and proteins.


Nevertheless, regardless of the natural chemistry based on carbon, it was not until 1985, it was found that the most remarkable feature. So far only two recognized species, consisting entirely of carbon atoms was not diamond and graphite. The carbon atoms of the graphite (which are formed in the folded sheets attached hexagons) each loosely attached to a trio other atoms providing its Soft Touch graphite oily. In 1985, researchers found that the use of the effective laser beam can vaporize graphite in an atmosphere of helium gas. Analysis by carbon clusters, carbon particles were found nature not previously identified, the most typical of the better field consists of hexagonal and pentagonal shapes containing 60 carbon atoms.


After much debate, it became known that the researchers included (Curl, Kroto and Smalley) that these particles are extremely stable throughout. Then they discovered that the mixture of geometric shapes form the basis of a geodesic sphere, developed by Robert Buckminster Fuller for the 1967 Montreal World Exhibition. After that, the new carbon particles known as buckminsterfullerene, now reduced to a fullerene or balls that make up chemical with 60. After the best medical journal “Nature” (Holper and Sarah 1999) published this remarkable conclusion, as it happened in the mixing area of ​​the clinic once I realized that fullerenes can be very useful compounds. In 1996 this discovery, Curl, Kroto and Smalley ended up being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


Because of its unusual shape cell space science opens buckyball particles other fullerenes interest, in particular as the carbon atoms may react with other atoms and particles, while maintaining the integrity and shape. The researchers also found carbon nanotubes rolls and chicken wire by passing an electric between the graphite rods. These carbon nanotubes are tubes (or Buckytubes) form a series of interconnected cylinders, catalyzed by small amounts of cobalt, nickel, iron, they form a gap one atom thick nanotube. These tubes can be of great length, consisting of up to a million carbon atoms.


Fullerenes, using a variety of methods can be, especially for its ability to produce new-found energy. Fuel-coated carbon nanotubes are now understood to create a current wave of rapid thermal power of combustion, to go along its length, dragging electrons. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that in fact, this method produces the excitation weight is proportional to 100 times more energy than lithium-ion battery. Likewise, unlike batteries, it does not release energy, not used.


Nanotubes being from 50 to 200 nanometers, large enough to allow passage of proteins, which work with great light waves. According to the German researcher Hans Hermann Gerdes, nanotubes ranges cover many cell diameters connecting two different cell interior, offering a new way to interact at large stresses the body. Gerdes Associated Amin Rustom found naturally occurring in cells of rats nanotubes, and then she turned to the molding between the human cells and kidneys. Using video microscopy, they watched adjacent cells with an adjacent antenna– forecasts, how to communicate and finish the pipe connection. This process goes far beyond the cellular mating mentioned above, since the cells send many nanotubes form and details connected mobile network cells, lasting anything from several minutes to several hours. Using fluorescent proteins, Gerd group also found that a reasonably large cell structures had the ability to switch between the cells through the nanotube.


The researchers did not realize for some time that carbon nanotubes are incredibly efficient in conducting heat. The new quantum biology research studies show that the performance of carbon nanotubes violates the second law of thermodynamics, and Robert Pope clearly provides many years ago. The second law, for a long time, been conducted in clinical sacred circles. This is because the reasoning argues that hot things can only get cold, not hot. However, nano scale. It seems that they can be used a variety of policies. Researchers refer to the thermal conductivity, is described as a “step” of phonons through the product. Among the products released as wood, phonons continuously work on things. Plans incidents distribution of heat, slowing their development in the method as a field crowded races hinder the effectiveness of the Olympic runner. This is not the case with carbon nanotubes. In contrast to the entropy of chemistry, heat set at one end of the carbon nanotube works on the other end of the heat 100 times faster than taking a journey through more conductive metals.


Group Zhi Wei Chan Berkeley have developed problems in their nanotubes to shorten the process of thermal energy. He notes that any effect on his powers of heat leaving its thermal conductivity is in good condition. The fact that the heat does not reduce the curved pipe reasoning contradicts the second law. By thermal developing science, carbon 1000 degrees Kelvin should quickly reach CO2. However, because of the significant speed phonons at temperature levels undesirable 2500 degrees Kelvin, very hot carbon remains unburned.

Michael Strano, basic chemical in the world, a gas supply line on the floor next to the pole at the same length. It is fired at the same end, realizing the flame will move much faster through the liquid. However, for laboratory experiments, the heat soaked lighting fuel– traveled nanotube 10,000 times faster than one fuel. As a result, the wave very quickly, it seemed that Self– apply. This is not possible in accordance with the second law. However, as the burning fuel, which has launched the highest heat in nanotubes, completely breaking the classical thermodynamics. By STRANO, a warm front moving at rocket speed, the excited electrons from the nanotube to move, except for him. This wave of heat energy produces electricity at a remarkable pace, showing a completely new possible sources of clean energy. The concept here seems to be fast is the supreme power of the wave. The energy produced by the fuel-soaked nanotubes, as already mentioned, are now much higher than that of lithium-ion battery, and it is only the beginning of its enormous potential.


Dr. Bruce Lipton has made great development in quantum biology, with its revelation that the home fractals cell connected to the cell forward and for this reason, the evolving capacities of the organism as a whole. His book entitled The Biology of Belief, shows that genes and DNA are not the drivers of our biology. Instead, the DNA is controlled by signals outside the cell environment. Lipton suggested that the lack of strong message in favor of and trust in response to our feelings and method of ecological truths we have a good result in our minds. In this study, the synthesis of current research in the field of quantum cellular biology, Lipton suggested that our DNA and therefore can change our bodies, retrain our thinking and understanding. Robert Pope actually acquired a speculative test optical collection subconscious really really progressing holographic creative minds for centuries.


Furthermore, as a predicted how Lipton and Pope, environmental information as methods of quantum-wave received from the receptor protein bio-photons in the cell membrane of the liquid crystal is transmitted through nanotubes electromagnetically mount wraps back protein DNA. Influence of sound reasoning fractal heart beating rhythmically in touch with our feelings, re-create the DNA of a consistent pattern, which is contrary to the modern understanding of the second law of thermodynamics. This procedure is developed to stabilize the mind entropy, so much emphasized the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Svent Gyoergyi.


His heart beat changes in the electromagnetic energy in the glandular system of the body, the psychological noise copy holographic heart. We feel a sense of the details of the incoming light green energy directed through the cell-wall carbon nanotubes. This information, the laser light through a significant circulation of carbon nanotubes regulates DNA codons (antenna– like triggers), which are activated by means of electro-magnetic energy through the double helix. Accordingly, various codon caused by waves determined by the strength of the psychological experience. Sensual, more visually kindlying greatest experience is a tiny tube heat energy, so the more electro-magnetic vibrations.


Dr. Candice Perth, in a molecule of emotions, consciousness is assumed that resembles light. It explains how the feelings and the biological status of the quantum of energy and matter in recipients of vibration in every cell of the body. In his clinical work throughout the 1980s, there has been speculation as “mind body– as a single particle psychoacoustics information network that govern our health and psychology. When we are emotionally healthy situation, and we feel emotionally great sound, and then we can act in ethical practices. Ethical participate in the development of health care universal consciousness, Aristotle explains the basics of science to help elevate the Government in the manner of humanity, in order to avoid layoffs.


Immanuel Kant, like many thinkers of the Enlightenment, that psychological teachers was held in high esteem. In its relations with the exterior, it is said that our appeal has allowed the test to try to understand these experiences as part of the natural world with the acquired target. It seems, however, only makes the appearance of things and not always connected to the Aristotelian principles. While the visual appeal of Kant can lead to early, you can do it only by our lack of understanding of the opposite of the second law of thermodynamics. In fact, the visual appeal could only see the beauty of entropic decay. However, bio-ethics of the late Dr. George Coburn Science– Australia Arts Centre, in his book on art appreciation, the real ethical procedure for appealing described, not just pictures of the same. The fractal nature of ethics charm, seen by “stunning attractor” is used Phi harmonics and fractal phenomena appropriate to maintain optimal evolutionary, healthy conscience.


The frequency ratio of phi, harmonics associated platonic develop vibration that resonates with our hearts, for the transmission of high-frequency wave DNA. As already mentioned, 60 codon off then turn the hearts of resonance, which allows the host organism to work at higher levels of energy. The greater the variety of triggers, the higher the frequency of the signal response and great ethics. The answer to the universal ethical functions are easy to use and has absolutely nothing to do with morality found. This understanding was postulated last century by electromagnetic theories Maria Montessori teacher researcher.


Instinctive universal principles must be a state of heightened awareness, the answer on the basis of environmental electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Official science says that the entropy of a powerful FEM is more important than FEM weak, the latter has little or no biological effect. However, many researchers believe, electro-magnetic fields traditionally considered thermally weak (or non-ionizing) can be biological material rich in information. Weak electromagnetic fields understood as bio-energy and bio-information, with measurable biological effects. The Chinese, for example, actually got it for a number of years with his idea of ​​Yin and Yang, where Yin weak FEM still has a high educational material. From this discovery can be reasoned that high educational material for DNA delivery necessary information evolutionary survival.

Homeopathy is a good example of the use of FEM downfield to achieve biological balance, to cause maximum health. Other examples of information material thermally weak points, however, there are a light touch and high recovery, instinct and clairvoyance. This concern, biological tissues have electronics that can send and receive electronic signals weaknesses listed below, realizing the thermal entropy. Biological organisms use these (electrical and photonic) weak electromagnetic fields to interact with holographic, with the very different directions.


German chemist Kurt Geckeler and his colleague Shashadhar Samal in water flow research equipment in South Korea found a new measure of what happens when a liquid compound in water and after It includes more water. Traditional science says liquefied particles simply extend further and further apart, as an option to water, the deterioration of any impact it might have. Nevertheless, these two chemists found that some particles are grouped so fractal, initially as clusters and then into larger aggregates of these groups. Instead of wandering away from their neighbors, who actually end up in more detail.


Fractal recommended agglutination argument refers to the information from the memory, and stabilize the system. This state of quantum entanglement change, even irregular shape, it goes through an unusual procedure, the attractor is connected to infinity pretty stabilize entropy. As it expands, the liquid compound ends up being less obvious. Nevertheless, a great attractor stabilized strange attractor, includes a new water information by signing with particles and water mixture to catalyze the effect of substances, taking advantage of his memory.


The researchers found this result by examining the fullerenes in his laboratory in the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. They found that the spherical shape of the particle football– form aggregates wrong save option. When the weakened version, the size of bits fullerene improved completely new chemical phenomena. In order to obtain other insoluble BuckyBalls mode liquefy water mixed with chemical sugar– round particles called cyclodextrin.


From these results it is clearly not a direct relationship between the functions of strange attractors and charming. And FEM needs a strong and slightly biofeedback principles, moreover, requires a weak EMF and improved fractal information. The two ended up being well balanced and harmonized common center, just under half of the geometry, and Robert Pope is expected to reality.


Best of information on ethics electric position depending on the electron spin wave is in the heart. The heart has seven individual layers, which are arranged in the angles of rotation 7 fullerene tetrahedra. As the ratio of the electron spin becomes the heart can indeed be regarded as a great attractor. The average form fractal gold heart– deals with the development of this turn of useful wavelengths. In fact, the heart can be regarded as a transformer in order to optimize the energy input or the body. All these geometric angles of rotation 7 is concentrated in the helical blade strip and the torus attractor in the heart center.


This thick noise impact provided for in the center of the wall of the pericardium of the heart. Impact bull attractor stage sonic energy that vibrates like the pericardium and thymus. The thymus (also called energy center is described as the heart chakra), this is where guidelines similar body’s immune system. Thymus sound uses these shadows on the cave wall of the pericardium for determining the wavelength components to include the identity of the cells. This seems to stem from the wave phase coherence or exchange allows cell membranes. Cell membranes are self-treatment liquid crystal chemical libraries of organic signals (phenomenon) with holographic wave frequencies heart–.


Electric melting and the sound pressure and heart muscle exhibited toroidal electrical structure. If the order or sequence of electricity increases, the endorphins health from exposure to molecules of emotion “Candace Perth. The immune system expands the body, making the welfare state, aligning it with the ethics of the human condition. It is a state of maximum health of strange and beautiful harmonics / attractor, awareness cause easy to equate ethical behavior.


The heart, however, is not only a great attractor body as a centriole, each mammalian cell, also handles this function. Function Centrioles actually was and remains a matter of part-time contract due to the fact that centrioles, do not perform any physiological activity directly recognized. Instead, their role is generally regarded as a structure to which other practical structures built. It was believed that in science centrioles are mainly associated with the formation of the two structures, centrosomes and cilia. However, Dr. Johan Callerman, in his book, The Universe labeled aim presupposes that the centriole has, between the different functions, the functions of the cell, along with the development of the whole organism.


This makes sense from the point of view of their role in cell division during which the centrosome duplicates units and leads to the two centrosomes, each with its own pair of centrioles. Pair centrioles move to opposite ends of the core, and then increases the micro-tubules are responsible for chromosome segregation reproduced in two small cells girls.


Nevertheless, the role of centrioles seem to go much further. According to the latest science on the topic of centrioles can be an important element in the understanding of life and consciousness. The centrioles are found in every cell of the mammal may be just what life offers dynamism, that science can not describe. Science can not just mix chemicals and develop life. You can not even begin to produce life from non-living matter. Even if science can not describe this still life. However, as science discovers more about centrioles entropic vision of the world of physics ends up being much less reliable.


Centrioles, while the high degree of control over the cells is solved, it seems to be in harmony with some basic understanding of the ethical requirements contradict the second law of entropy. Although centrioles do not seem to be no more than that the antenna design, the transfer of knowledge in the cell, the orientation should come from behind the entropic considerations, as planned in the Platonic science of ethical objectives, which comes from Greek nous performance. So if centrioles and mimic DNA codons antennas, which receive signals and react to?

Science is hard pressed to describe the source of animation of any signal coming from the physical universe. Anaxagoras tried to discuss this with their “Nous” based on the power of reasoning fractal imagination. Entropic science may be able to provide a functional description of consciousness, but not tell you about what life is, or why it is happening method that does.


While cell, an extremely complex structure that lives, cannot be described in operational science it has established that the centrioles are probably significant type in our understanding of how the inanimate animation ends and, to some extent, the source Anaxagoras Nous consciousness (intelligent commercial property inherent in the sub stratum of the physical atom). Centrioles consisting of sub structures called “micro– tubes” and located in the heart of all mammalian cells, can indicate the presence of non-physical universe holographic tions of David Bohm. As science is gradually being forced to see “the field” as a matter of standard connections “as the idea has credibility.


Centrioles possible preliminary secret knowledge principle was clearly mentioned Roger Penrose among leading physicists in the world. However, the function of centrioles do not fit their materialistic easy analysis. Consciousness is not just a matter of sufficient power of the computer system, which, if so, change the futuristic human potential with the expert system. Centrioles and standard antenna focus available some life out of this physical universe, can offer a dynamic life, besides being a source of attention and awareness. If, as Anaxagoras suggests, consciousness is happening within each sub-layer of the atom, it was a holographic versatile mind. This idea is consistent with the generally accepted analysis of quantum mechanics, which is “Nous”, without early Anaxagoras built into it.


It was a particular issue for Plato the Greek point of view, the custom that existed in the early Nous security, so the innovative force will not ultimately detrimental instance. The limited knowledge of his time, Plato did the best he could with the concept of principles. Entitling Robert Pope of the fullerene chemistry Platonic– update quantum mechanics in quantum biology has been set for September 24, 2010 for the Italian Republic, as a new dimension of the Florentine Renaissance humanity.


The presence of the electric organ or area of ​​expertise (aura) shell formed around all living organisms organize, in fact, has long proposed and draft Florentino is currently defined. This field is kept consisting of knowledge systems, which organizes the body structure at the atomic level. The fractal structure of the physical heart receives this energy field and converts it into electrical energy, reading the encoded data. Brain that serves as a detector of the information system interacts with cellular organism causing the flow of information to make a tour of the scale of harmonic frequencies. Each expression– as a heartbeat belongs to the tune sending organizing principles of the entire system of the host organism. Discusses the University of Texas, Dr. Richard Merrick in her book Interference– great musical theory, which he equates with the Pythagorean music of the spheres in the electromagnetic description of the procedures of the human brain.


Ethical behavior is not about the fulfillment of the ideal for their own good. In fact it has to do with being a significant information with the universal survival. As the information needs of the survival of the human sequence changes as news flashes, gradually acquired the intricate details necessary. However, in order to be useful, it should be easy to buy a big attractor, acted according to the strange attractor. For this reason, it is heart, brain, passing this important information in DNA. To this figure should be buying and irregularly, while designing the fractal nature should be used.


Fractal reasoning, showing a weak EMF with a strong biological information is a unifying idea includes the scale and complexity of the relationship, and that are the basis of our understanding of patterns and biological processes. It is believed that the fractal theory and chaos on the brand new field, it may not be unusual for most biologists continue to face these principles. Confirmation of the fractal geometry of nature is of vital implications for biology and provened of many examples of this document.


Fractal arguments welcome subunits, which looks like a large-scale form. This compares with the search in the mirror in the second mirror box at first hand. An unlimited number of reflections can be seen to decrease with each eye can not detect. If we change the option between two mirrors, scale, of course, change, but the relationship will certainly continue to be ongoing. Mathematically speaking, as fractals keep pace, and changing the scale of the geometric pattern can exchange harmonic electric power and light nationwide miles wavelengths depending on the quantum entanglement.


As discussed, the heart sends relevant wavelengths to the DNA, that are adapted to sense oscillation sound gets. Do not just make sense to feed DNA, but like cell metabolism. Cages should meet huge variety of chain reactions to maintain its proper functioning, all it requires energy of the senses, causing centriole duplication to respond and maintain the cells.


Some researchers have suggested recently that centrioles really eye cells. The centrioles are found in pairs, oriented perpendicular to each other. The structure of these pairs strongly that in addition to its wide range of other features, centrioles eyes have to work as cellular recommended. Each centriole can simply assign the details of the power angle in the plane perpendicular to its axis. However, the lights are scattered in a trio of measurements, 2 centríolo in the best corners of the first. Geometry aircraft source is needed, together with three-dimensional extension.


90 degrees is balanced polarization can also simulate depth Chroma lens that lets you create 3D holographic pattern confirmation reality. This suggests that centrioles as cellular eyes can find the depth perpendicular with positioning. This proposal was used by Robert Pope in his now famous optical correction it contributes significantly to the theory of knowledge of Leonardo da Vinci manner.


Significant sound waves from the heart to the centrioles are also psychological and mental health of the host organism. The research puts the long-term concern, eventually causing damage to the physical there is a clear connection between our psychological and emotional health. Medical research study shows that no matter how well the children are fed and warm, without touch of their mothers they could eventually seriously adversely affected care. This is due to the fact that the arms of a mother caring DNA child sent quickly. Ancient Greek belief that the moon has an effect on women’s menstruation caused science to discuss the mother’s love and compassion for children. This makes the best sense, considering the great attractor connection between the moon and the mother. Such heart caused by ethical behavior arises from a deep information of cell survival in the DNA, indicating mother instinct to notify any risk to their children.


On this basis, it can be justified that our senses program our DNA and shape the immune system of our body cells. Unfavorable feelings, offer high thermal signals with few significant damage to the coherence of the immune system of our body. Counter wise feelings, favorable with weak EMF, but abundant relevant information, improve the immune system of the body. It is the immune system much healthier body is much healthier host organism. Surprisingly weak EMF favorable, we can produce high levels of energy that we feel a greater sense of self in favor, within the holographic universe. This sense of connection helps us feel real “epicurean pleasure.” Feeling great visually, by contrast, only it connects us emotionally rejected charm. When we feel positive energy and protect our lives, we are much more likely to act ethically methods. There is therefore a certain connection between our energy levels and our willingness to act in ethical ways to improve everyone.